Hi! My name is George Williamson. I am the Firearms Instructor for Fists And Firearms Gun Classes. I am Certified, Licensed, & Insured to teach many different Firearms Training Classes here in NC. I have over 30 years of hands on experience with Gun training, Range experience, & Thousands of Rounds of Ammunition personally put down range in my personal shooting career. I continue to learn, & pass these new techniques on to my students. I am a licensed NC Private Security Guard, & have tons of street knowledge that I use in my classes. I am a Certified Firearms Instructor in multiple gun training designations, & provide professional gun training classes in all of the following:

* NRA : NRA Certified Pistol Training Classes

* NC Concealed Carry Permit : Attend & Obtain your NC Concealed Carry Permit

*SIRT & Mantis X Laser Training : For Advanced Non-Lethal Gun Training & Accuracy Building

* Force On Force Munitions : Next level military style training for real world shooter scenarios

* Ultimate Training Munitions : cutting edge munitions can be used anywhere for safe training

* Advanced Personal Defense Shooting : Hands on personal defense training incorporating shooting skills for deadly attack & defense

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