Basic Pistol Training Class: This class is the best starter class for everyone. New shooters, Novice shooters, & Anyone unsure they can meet the shooting requirements for the NC Concealed Carry Class should begin here. This class will go over all you need to know about GUN SAFETY, Handling, & Basic Fundamentals of Shooting Pistols. Including but not limited to:

Learn About Revolvers & Semi-Automatic Pistols

Learn To Field Strip & Clean Your Pistol

Learn Handgun Safety & Handling

Learn Pistol Shooting Techniques, Stances, Grips, & Shooting Fundamentals

Class Fee is $100.00 Per Person​         

NC Concealed Carry Certification Class: This is the required NC Certification Class needed to obtain your North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Permit. This is an 8 hour 2 Part Class & Takes 1 Full day to Complete. Students must complete & pass tests in both parts to complete the class & receive their certification. The 2 parts are:

  • Classroom test on NC Gun Laws
  • Timed Shooting accuracy test

This class is not for beginners!! If you are Not familiar with Pistols, & Don't Shoot Often, please sign up for the Basic Pistol Training Class 1st, or our Check out our 2 Class Combo Special.

Class Fee is $100 per person


Classes are available by appointment Monday - Saturday 9 am - 6 pm. Low Light & Night Shooting Classes Per Request.

​Our Current Class List Includes The Following:

  • Basic Pistol Training

  • NC Concealed Carry Certifications Class

  • Advanced Concealed Carry Shooting Tactics

  • Scenario Based Non Lethal, & Active Shooter

**Limited Time Offer ** February's Special Gun Training Combo**2 Great Classes, 2 Days of  Handgun Training With NC's Top Rated Gun Instructor. 1 Great Low Price!**

Special 2 Class Combo: This is a 2 day class & Includes 2 Great Classes! You get the Basic Pistol Training Class, & The NC Concealed Carry Certification Class. Requires 200 rounds of ammunition to complete.

Class fees = $140.00 per person


Class Fees With Gun Rental & Ammunition = $240 Per Person                  

Advanced Concealed Carry Shooting Tactics: These Classes are designed for students that already carry; or want to carry a handgun every day for personal defense. Also for those that want to train for a real life defensive shooting events. Shooting accurately from a concealed position while under Distress, Fighting, & Gun Retention, are examples of some class structures. Most popular classes include Car Jacking, Home Invasion, Mother shooting while holding a small child, & Small Business Invasion. Classes include cutting edge training devices, non-lethal ammunition, & techniques that require high level instructors, & sometimes collaboration with local law enforcement municipalities. Classes include but are not limited to:

SIRT, Mantis, & other Laser Training

Force On Force

UTM Training

Non- Lethal, Combative Shooting Tactics

Call for details on these Classes and Fees. These Classes are Not offered to Entry Level Shooters

2A Gear, Tactical Gear, Range Day

Fists And Firearms Provides Top Rated Gun Training Classes to NC Residents.

No Experience, or Handguns needed to attend our classes.


I want you to learn in a Comfortable Place. So I offer my Classes at 2 locations for Your Convenience.

My Place or Yours!

My Place is Our Office, but is also My Home. Located around the intersection of Hwy 40 & 42. In Lovely Garner, NC. Search Fists And Firearms in Google Maps for turn by turn Directions. Or Click the Contact Us Tab. Classes available by Appointment Only. No walk-ins please!!

Your Place can be your Home or Business. Get a group of 3 or more for class & we will set it up for the date you want. Some Restrictions Do Apply, & some Additional Fees may apply as well, so call for details.


Each Class Above Requires Students To Have A Functioning Handgun (Revolver or Semi-Automatic) & 100 rounds of Target Grade Ammunition Per Class, unless otherwise stated. Each student attending class must bring an Outside The Waist Band Gun Holster designed for their Gun. As well as Ear & Eye Protection for shooting. If you do not own a Handgun, and do not have one to use for the class, we will be happy to rent one to you.

Gun Rentals & Ammunition Are Additional.  ** Call919-589-6781right now for details on rental pricing**


**Register For Classes Here**